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January 19th, 2013

In a confined studio, Terry Tai, a young programmer, together with his friend, Daniel Lv were vigorously discussing with Dingding Ye, the guest speaker in the first broadcast of Teahour.fm about codes, frameworks, and tech in general – such familiar topics that could easily be rolled out of the tongues of any programmer at that stint.

Stemming from the idea of building a sheer “chathub” for programmers to unwind after hours of arduous work, Terry by no way could have conceived that his “just-for-fun” project would turn out to be a meeting ground for cool counterparts. From there, he and his friends, together built their dreams bigger and bigger.

September, 2019

Nervos is on its way to deploy mainnet after its roaring success of the private sale, and for the time being, hosting an ambitious public sale round. Such rapid development of this project has diverted the attention of giants in blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, had new collaboration being announced on a regular basis and thus, creating a solid framework for Nervos Network ecosystem. Nervos had come a long way since its first time igniting the idea of building an optimum platform for dApps developers.

The question remains is: What helped Nervos go much farther to the ladder of success in such an industry that notoriously exterminates countless projects?

In this article, let’s meet the think-tanks behind Nervos project, the “masterminds” who have laid the very first bricks for this grandiose and ambitious project and will surely bring Nervos to a higher elevation of attainment, surpassing what we are expected as of now.

Jan Xie – The foot setter 

Founder of Cryptape. Former executive and programmer of Ethereum Foundation. Co-founder ethfans.org. Former architect at Peatio.

It all started with Ethereum Foundation, where Jan, as the role of a developer, obtained first knowledge and experience of blockchain and cryptocurrency. After his triumphant projects related to Ethereum, Jan began to hit the big time and became quite a name in global blockchain communities. He also co-founded ethfans.org, undertook the design of Peatio and even went further to have founded Cryptape – a company specializing in building blockchain infrastructure.

As regards blockchain’s potentials, Jan believes that the greatest plus of this technology is not processing transactions but storing values. Blockchain is where the network’s functions must be spread across different layers or components rather than be crammed into one unit; hence, slowing down transaction volumes to collect information. Developers should handle information on the secondary layer, while saving the base layer of blockchain for the purpose of storage of values of the asset.

Nervos is a product built on such a vision. With advanced design thinking, Nervos boasts swift transaction speed and excellent scalability while maintaining decentralization and security for the important function of blockchain: store of value.

Terry Tai – The Connector 

Terry has started off as a programmer since he graduated from college back in 2013. Five years later, he embarked on the field of blockchain when he joined the core developer team at Yunbi / Peatio cryptocurrency exchange. Later, he and his friends joined hands to co-found Teahour.fm – one of China’s most popular technology podcasts. He was also a member of Cryptape – the most famous blockchain engineering and construction company in China – in the role of a Product Manager in 2017 before resigning that position to join Jan. Xie, “giving birth to” Nervos.

“Nervos is, indeed, a remarkable turning point to us. Our model will help decentralized applications more flexible, scalable and more accessible to real businesses. ”

Kevin Wang – Architect of the token economy 

Kevin is deemed a seasoned engineer in technology thanks to the experience about enterprise data solutions he accumulated at IBM Labs in the Silicon Valley. He also co-founded Launch School, an online training platform for software engineers. At Nervos, Kevin focuses to do research on token economics and is the mastermind behind Nervos’ offbeat solutions.

“We believe that a well-designed economic model will pave the way for consensus and ensure the long-term sustainability of the protocol. In particular, the economic model is responsible for sustaining revenue growth to support service providers (usually miners or transaction validators), helping the process of joining the system as trouble-free as possible and ensure that the network remains decentralized throughout its development.

Intrinsic value is a must for a blockchain token. ”

Daniel Lv – The Community Leader 

A blockchain project, regardless of how excellent it is, is nothing without its community. At Nervos, Daniel is responsible for creating a strong foundation for the project, both in China and the international market. Of course, Daniel is by no way a greenhorn; he is the co-founder and former CTO of imToken, one of the most popular Ethereum wallets in the world as well as former CTO of Yunbi.

The details mentioned at the beginning of the article, by accident, pointed out that Daniel was also the host of Teahour.fm. This tiny radio show was indeed not “tiny” at all for being the beginning of everything, where these people had established the foundation for Nervos to become a hub for great minds think and share alike, about a vision of blockchain along with the potential to change the landscape of this technology. This concept, however, was quite “alien” at the time.

As time ticked, Nervos gradually matured and was led by talented and passionate individuals. The road ahead is certainly not plain sailing, but with the solid foundations of both technology and people and the unfailing support of the market, it is only a matter of time before Nervos conquers new heights.

Content: Hong Phong

Design: Nhu Giang

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