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Chromia: Development Updates & 2022 Recap

Chromia: Development Updates & 2022 Recap

Technical Highlights

EIF (Ethereum Interoperability Framework)

EIF is the set of functions that allow Chromia to communicate with Ethereum and other EVM chains like BNB Chain, Polygon, Fantom, AVAX C-Chain… EIF coding is now completed.

Hardened Bridge (H-Bridge)

An EVM asset bridge is being built which EIF functions, allowing Chromia to bridge assets to and from the EVM chains. The term “hardened” means that security takes precedence over speed, requiring a higher standard of confirmations and checkpoints before assets are transferred. H-Bridge is well underway with the public testing and internal review.

D1 Network System

The D1 network system consists of discrete components that are interconnected to keep Chromia running efficiently.

– Directory chain is responsible for coordination of the entire network. It stores all the information needed to operate the network, such as the list of providers and nodes, and configurations of all blockchains. After expanding the development team working on the Directory Chain since August, Chromia has made significant progress and completed over 75% of the work.

– ICMF enables communication across blockchains within the Chromia Network. The project estimates over 50% completion progress.

– Hierarchical Anchoring depends heavily on the the Directory Chain. Focus will shift to this component once Chromia has made further progress on DC.

FT4 token standard

FT is Chromia’s token standard, supporting all CHR tokens on Chromia. The project has collected feedback about FT3 and is working on the next generation  FT4 – which has compatibility with Metamask and implements built-in spending policies that allow more precise access delegation. The progress in FT4 objectives is ongoing.

Notable events 2022


– Mines of Dalarnia completed its first land sale.

– My Neighbor Alice completed their Winter themed NFT sale.

Joined a high profile group of seed investors in Ancient8, Vietnam’s largest blockchain gaming guild.


– Launched a Blockchain Development course at Regent University in Ghana.

– Announced new partnership with PropTech Sweden, a firm dedicated to the digital transformation of the property industry.

– Listed 12 projects joined the Incubation Program Kick-Off Day.


– Detailed ChromaWay’S advancement to phase 2, focusing on EBSI Pre-commercial procurement.

– Sponsored NFT Miami Week.

– Chain of Alliance released testnet on a Chromia sidechain.

– Mines of Dalarnia 2.0 launched testnet on both BNB Chain and Chromia.


– Had a great experience at Paris NFT Day Summit and Paris Blockchain Week, the biggest NFT conferences in Europe.

– Established the Chromia Stories podcast page and posted 4 episodes featuring various Chromia Ecosystem developers.

– Attended Fintech Sthlm Week, discuss Play-to-Earn and the economics of community-owned computer games.


Check out this message to the community from Chromia executives Henrik Hjelte, Alex Mizrahi, and Or Perelman as they discuss the road ahead.

– Battle Derby joined the Chromia ecosystem.


– Made a strategic investment in VRM

– Attended NFT.NYC, where they were represented by Todd Miller and Anastasia Plane.

– Participated in OpenExpo Europe 2022 conference.


– Published the list of 12 projects from ChromaWay’s Demo Day Incubation Showcase.

– Appeared in the 4th issue of the Real Estate Industry Report, conducted by FIBREE.

– Published the article All About Chromia Stories, telling everything about Chromia’s official podcast.


– Joined the Crypto Miners telegram group for an AMA.

– Updated development roadmap includes checkpoints for Testnet Mark 2, as well as Mainnet Launch.

Head of Commercial Development Joel Satin represented Chromia at one of the world’s largest computer and video games events Gamescom.


– Announcement of new admin team for the Official Telegram channel.

– Signed a multi-year licensing deal with fashion and lifestyle brand ELLE.

– Participated in Asia’s largest video games expo Tokyo Game Show, Messari Mainnet 2022 New York and TOKEN2049 Singapore.

About Chromia

Modern society runs on data and every online service you’re using is built upon underlying databases – ranging from your online bank to music streaming and gaming. Chromia is a relational blockchain – a combination of a relational database and a blockchain – making it easy to develop user-friendly decentralized apps for almost any industry, including DeFi, NFTs, gaming, and more.

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